Buying Or Selling A Property With Odor?

About Us

Medallion Healthy Homes of Chicago, Inc., is a family owned business and the leading provider of a healthier indoor environment for families and their pets, serving homes and businesses in the Chicagoland areas since 1995.

With so many more people suffering from allergies and respiratory illnesses, cleaning for appearances is not enough. We not only clean your carpets, tile, air ducts and furnishings, but we can inspect, test and clean your air as well.

As certified mold inspectors and indoor air quality specialists, we can help identify problems in your indoor environment, whether it is mold, VOC’s, particulate and or any type of odor, and offer solutions to completely eradicate these pollutants and odors.

If you suffer from any type of respiratory illness, whether from allergies, asthma, mold or chemical sensitivities, obnoxious odors and/or if you just don’t feel well in you home or work place, then we have the solution… Our CLO2 sanitizing and deodorizing system.

The product we are so excited about is Chlorine Dioxide and the effect it has on allergens, mold, obnoxious odors and other indoor environmental pollutants.  Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) denatures a multitude of offending germs, allergens and indoor contaminates.  Once denatured (changed), the offending molecules cannot be recognized by the body, thus giving the allergy sufferer relief.  Our CLO2 system completely sanitizes and deodorizes the air, surfaces and contents within your home or work place and completely eliminates all odors, creating a healthy environment to live or work in.  Our CLO2 sanitizing and deodorizing system is fast, non-toxic and our work carries a 100% guarantee.

Our main objective is to leave every property we work in a cleaner and healthier environment through our methods, services and products.  For more information or to schedule a consultation, call us at 847-697-5780.